Welcome To Petite Playhouse

Welcome to Petite Playhouse. Thank you for considering us as your childcare provider. Our main focus is to prepare your child for grade school and beyond while providing a wonderful experience for both you and your child.
At petite playhouse we strive to offer a quality, nurturing, and a productive learning environment for your little one. Your child will have the opportunity to learn and play with his/ her peers in a variety of different ways. Various activities, both teacher led and student initiated, will allow for your child to grow into an independent preschooler.
Our creative curriculum is based on different themes or units. We will spend a week or more on a particular topic. Some topics covered throughout the school year include water, seasons, holidays, shapes, and many more! This approach will allow us to spend a great deal of time on different projects, reading, and dramatic play related to each topic. When appropriate, special activities will be incorporated into our day (special snacks, visitors, activities etc…). We are located in the Southwest section of Philadelphia; however we accept children from all sections of Philadelphia. Our center is beautifully designed with top of the line equipment and camera system. We have a fully fenced, child friendly backyard, equipped with fun and safe playing equipment. We provide well balanced nutritious meals and snacks to your child.

For children of all ages we incorporate lots of fun activities into their daily schedule that include arts and crafts, free-play, structured-play, music, song and dance, painting, coloring, various creative and educational projects, and much more. Additionally, for children ages two and three, we offer an age appropriate preschool curriculum. Because of these points, we feel we are able to provide the best of both worlds (learning and fun, all in one).

From our curriculum designers:
We are a team of innovators, entrepreneurs, educators and creative spirits working together to make a difference in the lives of children across the world. We’re driven by a shared passion for igniting curiosity and a joy for learning.
We believe that everything we design can inspire children to become the authors of their own unique learning stories, and that adults and educators are on a journey, too! By walking hand in hand with children, we can learn and grow together.
As children construct knowledge through everyday experiences, you can use our tools to help extend their learning as they explore the classroom, community, and diverse, beautiful world around them.